We help you to define and understand the formal model of Your Business and its related elements like your business partners, competitors, short term and long term values.

The formal model to a business is the same as a drawing plan to a building.

No stable modifications are possible without knowing the structure and capacity of the model’s elements.

A personalized strategy for a SMART business

Business Analysis

We will assess the business opportunities for their long-term potential. Determine the paths available for you and understand the trade-offs and risks of one vs.another.

Sales Optimization

We will help you with your sales: our strongest side is identifying your core clients, defining their decision-making model and uncovering their unmet needs. Together with you, we will demonstrate the value of your offer!

Process Optimization

The Business development requires not only having an expansive network to help you facilitate a deal, but also a deep understanding of how to build and maintain new relationships to leverage them when needed.

Future Planning

In order to gain support from your team, everyone needs to understand why the deal makes sense for your company. Does it drive revenue, lead to new users or enable the company to enter a new market or vertical?

Decision Making

Help to point the right deals. A good dealmaker can help identify a false signal – when there is just enough market momentum and revenue to mask the greater opportunity.

KPI Assessment

Watching an idea become a product and a product generate revenue that becomes a successful company makes it all worthwhile. Bringing in the right business development person at the right stage, and following these other guidelines, will keep your company on the right track.