We provide customized services to assist companies in foreign trade operations.

We scout for potential customers having interest for our products portfolio, and we manage, on their behalf the commercial relationship.

We regularly assess the needs of such companies, and the most relevant markets for the products to be imported or exported.

We develop the most sustainable trade strategy for our clients, their products, the volumes and specific certifications.

Our experienced team will find you the fastest, safest and best-priced carrier.

We can give free, guaranteed quotes, coordinate worldwide transport arrangements, consolidate multiple suppliers, and arrange for hazardous and oversized cargo or consolidated weekly shipments around the world.

Understanding the Global Market
Create a List of Products That You Would Like to Import or Export
Supply Sourcing
Product Pricing
Locating Customers
Establishing Logistics
Supply Chain Management

Manufacturing-flow management
Supplier-relationship management
Product development and commercialization
Returns management
Customer-relationship management
Customer-service management
Demand-management style
Order fulfillment

A physical inspection of goods is carried out in the country of export. Pre-shipping and the establishment the exact nature of the goods.

Scrutinisation of the invoice, tariff codes, duty rates and taxes payable.

Issuing a DevOn import validity certificate which eases the process of back tracing any potential mismatches.